Strong branding is essential to any business because it’s what gets you noticed. But how do you go about creating a noticeable brand from scratch? Let me take you through the process!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, what is branding anyway, and what does it include?

Branding includes all elements of a business’ name, logo, slogan and overall design structure. These are all important elements in helping your business stand out from the competition and helping customers remember who you are.

Alright, I think we’re ready to explore all these elements more in depth. Step one on your brand journey begins with your biggest asset, your brand personality!

Determine Your Personality

Before you even think about developing your brand, it is important to know everything about your business and how you want it to be conveyed to the public. Are you a fun, young company that doesn’t take itself too seriously? Or are you in a professional space that prides itself on prestige? This will help determine the personality of your brand and how it fits into your industry market.

To help with this process, try brainstorming a list of adjectives you would use to describe your business. This will help you visualize what your company represents. Don’t like what you see? Then use this branding process to restructure and shift the perceptions of your business.

Colours & Fonts

Once you have a solid personality and feeling you want your brand to emote, you can move on to colours and fonts. These two elements are very important to ensure consistency throughout your branding, and to bring the feelings of your business to life.

When picking a colour scheme, make sure you aren’t choosing colours similar to a direct competitor; you don’t want to confuse your customers. Also, be aware of the psychology behind certain colours. For example, yellow tends to create a sense of warmth and optimism, whereas green embodies growth and health.

When it comes to fonts, try to stick with two to avoid unnecessarily confusing customers and make sure you choose something that is easy to read.

Catchy Slogan

A catchy slogan is a valuable asset because it provides an extra layer of explanation to let people know what your business is all about.

A good slogan should be catchy, fairly short, and make a strong and lasting impression. My best advice would be to get straight to the point – what’s your business all about?

You can take the literal approach or play around with a rhyme or metaphor. No matter how you choose to go about developing your slogan, make sure it aligns with your core values and the personality and tone you developed at the beginning of the process.

Logo Time

Your logo is the last, and most important step, because this is the element that will distinguish your brand. Similar to your slogan, your logo should be unique, clear, and make a strong and lasting impression.

A logo is an asset which will be used on everything from your website to your Facebook profile; therefore it’s important to ensure your logo is scalable and to design different iterations to work in different places.

This is a complex step, so you could consider outsourcing the design process or get to work and start coming up with ideas on your own!

Are you in the midst of developing your brand? What’s the process been like so far? If you are struggling or have any questions about branding, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me anytime.